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Odyssey offers breakthrough experiences and community service programs that will expand you, and your business as well as the communities you do business in. Our programs are designed to empower individuals and organizations to reach beyond that which is currently possible.

Children's Events

This first step creates an opportunity for children with special abilities to participate in whatever way they choose, or not, in calibration not just for Easter but of being... being alive, loved and appreciated for all they bring to life. Through the Odyssey notes program, local schools are impacted; local nonprofits are impacted. Those of us who give our time, effort, and love are impacted- changing what it is to be a child for all mankind

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Veterans Events

Odyssey Veteran’s Program was created out our commitment that sacrifice would never be forgotten. (No one dies for dirt) It is our commitment to work with nonprofits and world organizations to bring the Hope, love and commitment to veterans.

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Senior Programs

Odyssey's commitment that all people get loved and known for the heroes they are, that they are not forgotten. Working with Odyssey Senior Program, Odyssey Experiences creates the experience of being a contribution, as well as being contributed to. Visiting people that may not have had a visitor in a year. To bring a little holiday cheer, you will get what it is to celebrate the holidays in a whole new way!

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