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Mardi Gras for Autism


volunteer-buttonThis first step creates an opportunity for children with special abilities to participate in whatever way they choose, or not, in calibration not just for Easter but of being… being alive, loved and appreciated for all they bring to life. Through the Odyssey notes program, local schools are impacted; local nonprofits are impacted. Those of us who give our time, effort, and love are impacted- changing what it is to be a child for all mankind.

We need your help
Volunteers can choose to volunteer all day from setup 930 to tear down 3 to finished.
Or any 2 hour block of time, doing one or more of the following positions.
Volunteer Positions
• Set Up and Tear Down
• Face painter
• Fun monitor/participator (yes they haveto/getto to play the game with the kiddos)
• FunBooth attendant
• Egg stuffers
• Egg Hiders
• Egg finders (help the wee ones)
o U can be both finder and hider, no conflict of interest in our book.
Contributions of any kind will be greatly appreciated.
• Candy
• coloring books
• crayons
• face paint
• tattoos
• shaving cream ( funny but totally tactile fun too)
• paper
• balloons
• Yes Last but not least Money is an option too!
Thank you for your interest in our event, we appreciate your heart and desire to make a difference.